January 19, 2018

Emily-Anne Rigal is a Teen Who Plans to Stop Cyber-Bullying

Emily-Ann Rigal

By Julie Samrick At 16 years old, Virginia teenager Emily-Anne Rigal decided instead of feeling sad about the bullying she’d endured she’d help others going through the same thing.  “I wanted to live where teens live, to get inside their heads, and that’s online,” she said.   So at 16 Rigal founded WeStopHate.org, a site… Read more

9 in 10 Emailed Youth Photos Show Up as Porn

body image

If a young person shares a sexually explicit photo of herself or a peer, a new study says there’s an 88 percent chance that it will eventually find its way into the wrong hands online. Read more

Are You Connected to Your Child’s Online World?

media multitasking

By Detective Rich Wistocki     I am a detective. A large component of my job is to track down predators who use the internet and social media to lure children, then find them and prosecute. I find many parents who think their children are safe online because they have taught them right from wrong… Read more

“Monitoring” Your Kids Doesn’t Mean “Spying”

facebook lonely

By Mary Jo Rapini Parents, I have to say, I am confused. As I continue to entrench myself in the phenomenon of social media as it relates to teens, parents, reputations and overall cyber safety, I continue to hear the same few words from parents, “Well, I don’t want to SPY on my child.” And… Read more

M.I.T. Offers More Than Free Online Courses

Computer Student

M.I.T. led the way in online learning 10 years ago by posting course materials from almost all its classes, which includes over 2,000 courses accessed by 100 million users today. The new “M.I.T.x” interactive online learning platform will go even further, giving students FREE access to online laboratories, self-assessments and student-to-student discussions. M.I.T. says they… Read more