January 23, 2018

Growing up shouldn’t be easy

growing up shouldn't be easy

…Between delivering a few commencement addresses and listening to many more, here is what I believe graduates need to hear today. 1. Earn everything. It’s true that graduates today face a rough economy. Americans in their early 20s have to contend with a 10.6 percent unemployment rate — that’s twice the rate among people age… Read more

11% of US Children Diagnosed with ADHD


And those numbers rise as children get older. A new study says 1 in 5 high school aged boys has been diagnosed with ADHD. This has doctors concerned, mostly because of the medication these children are prescribed. One doctor even said, “No way does 1 in 5 children have ADHD.”  Read more about it

Adult Playgrounds Soon To Be Near You

playground adult

Ditch the stuffy gyms and indoor treadmills for the kind of physical play at the park kids enjoy.  Several “adult playgrounds” are being tested in cities around the U.S., where play equipment is designed just for grown-ups in the latest battle against the bulge.  Read more

Child Sexual Abuse Rates Are Down Nationally

parenting mistakes

Due to increased vigilance and awareness, child sexual abuse has actually declined in recent years, but many don’t want to broadcast this for fear we’ll grow complacent and not be as vigilant.  Read more about it

California’s Once Great University System is Dying


Once heralded as having the best college system in the country, if not the world, the main arteries of California’s once golden University and state university systems are bleeding from excessive budget cuts and a call for even more tuition hikes. “I’d be lying if I said what we offer students hasn’t been changed and that… Read more

Recalling Childhood as a Styron


When Alexandra Styron, the youngest of the novelist William Styron’s four children, was growing up, she writes in her new memoir, there was one inviolate rule in the house: “Don’t ask Daddy about his work.” Read more about Alexandra Styron’s memoir here…

What about American girls sold on the streets?

Photo from givmusic

When we hear about human trafficking in India or Cambodia, our hearts melt. The victim has sometimes been kidnapped and imprisoned, even caged, in a way that conjures our images of slavery. Read about how American girls are exploited too…

A Vaccine for the Very Young Takes Aim at Bacterial Diseases

image by allvoices

With help from international donors, Congo introduced a new vaccine this month in an effort to save more of its babies from pneumococcal disease…Read more at the NY Times

Is Sugar Toxic?

image from spectrumwellness.net

One expert argues that regular sugar is just as bad as high fructose corn syrup. Read the rest of the article here image from spectrumwellness.net

Beverly Cleary’s Books Still Adored

Ramona washington.edu

The author turned 95 earlier this month, and leagues of young readers are still clamoring for her books Read more about Beverly Cleary Here Image by cachegawker.com