February 24, 2018

20 best to worst kids’ movies of 2013

best to worst kids' movies

By Julie Samrick If you’re thinking of renting a family DVD in the New Year, check out this list of best to worst choices to watch with your kids.   Frozen is the best movie of 2013 because every age will enjoy it equally. The cinematography is breathtaking and the full musical soundtrack is on par with… Read more

Magic of 3

magic of 3

By Julie Samrick So much gets easier once children turn three.  They’re beginning to really communicate; potty training is a thing of the past; less or no naps equal more freedom for all.  And though these little steps are undoubtedly great, I was most excited by going back to the movie theater once my youngest… Read more

Best to the Worst Kids’ Films of 2012


By Julie Samrick It’s hard to compare the kids’ films of 2012 that are aimed toward older kids to ones that are for the under 7 crowd.  Still, in 2012 there were a few movies that had such strong stories they’re sure to be remembered as classics suited for the whole family.  Only G, PG… Read more

Let’s Demand Better at the Movies

Let's Demand Better at the Movies

By Julie Samrick   At least 12 people now senselessly lie dead and scores of others are wounded in the aftermath of the Colorado theatre shooting at the premiere of the latest Batman movie. Some say the lesson we should glean is to treasure every moment with our loved ones because this fragile life is… Read more

Drive-In Movies Make a Comeback

drive in movies

Lying in the back of our station wagon in our footed pajamas, my sisters and I stretched out comfortably to watch the latest kids’ flick back in the late 1970s and early 1980s at the drive-in.  And now new families are seeking out this experience for this generation of young viewers as it’s being reported… Read more

Best to the Worst Kid Movies of 2011


Since my youngest turned 3, we’ve added “going to the movies” to our list of favorite family pastimes. So just in time for the holidays, when many more families reconnect by watching, renting or buying movies, here is my ranking of the children’s movies I saw in theatres with my kids this past year.  … Read more

Fairy Tales Weren’t Originally Intended for Kids


Fairy Tales have been around for centuries, and to read ones from the past, you may be surprised by how dark they can be.  I’ve found this recently as I’ve read a collection of “Grimm’s Fairy Tales” aloud to my 7 and 9-year-olds. Still, one expert, in this piece from Salon, argues that Disney has… Read more