January 19, 2018

What does working full time really mean?

mom crafts with kids

By Penelope Trunk What I regret is the four years I worked 80-hour weeks running my startup and put my kids in daycare. (I called it school, but I know there is no distinction between school for four-year-olds and daycare for four-year-olds.) I was making mid-six figures for most of that time, but those years… Read more

My Son has High-Functioning Autism


By Katie Guldbech My son was diagnosed with High-Functioning Autism in May 2009, one month shy of his 5th birthday.  We never suspected that he might be on the Autism Spectrum.  Honestly, my husband and I didn’t really know what the Autism Spectrum was.  Our only clue of what Autism might be was from the… Read more

Mother of 7 Imprisoned in Mexico for Drugs

mother of 7

Yanira Maldonado is a mother of 7 who was traveling back to Arizona from her aunt’s funeral in Mexico by bus when she was arrested for supposedly smuggling 12 pounds of marijuana under her seat.  She remains imprisoned.  UPDATE Yanira Maldonado was released on Thursday evening. Read more

Teen Arrested in Jessica Ridgeway Murder

Austin Sigg

In yet another case of a mother turning her son in, Austin Reed Sigg, 17, has been arrested in the abduction and murder of 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway of Colorado. Read more

How Heather Von St. James Found Courage for Cancer Through Motherhood


By Heather Von St. James If you ask my daughter about my cancer, she will tell you one thing, “I saved my mommy’s life.” She says it in such a nonchalant manner, it is as if she is saying, “The sky is blue.” But she is right, she DID save my life.   My husband and I… Read more

Dingo Case of Missing Newborn Solved After 3 Decades


For more than 30 years, Australia has been divided over whether 9-week old Azaria Chamberlain was abducted by a wild dingo from a campsite or killed by her mother.  Now a day after Azaria would have turned 32, a coroner has finally vindicated Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton.  Read more

New Study Links Rising Obesity to Higher Autism Rates

pregnant and overweight

A new study out of UC Davis correlates pregnant women who are diabetic or overweight with a greater chance of having a child with autism.  Read more

10-year-old Gives Birth to Baby Daughter

baby born early

A 10-year-old girl in Colombia delivered a 5-pound baby daughter today by C-section, making her one of the youngest mothers on record.  It is not unusual for child mothers to have to have Caesarean sections. “The baby’s head needs to come through a bony outlet. But in a young girl, the pelvis may not be… Read more

“The Help” is About Mother/ Child Relationships as Much as Racial Equality


By Julie Samrick I enjoyed reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett a few years back, and tonight I finally watched the film version to gear up for the Oscars next weekend.    The Help is about a white woman living in Jackson, Mississippi during the early Civil Rights era.  She write an anonymous book from the point of… Read more

Afghan Man Strangles Wife For Having Another Girl


An Afghan man strangled his wife soon after she gave birth to their third daughter on Monday. It’s hard to believe something so archaic could still happen in 2012, but sadly, it does.   Read more about it