December 18, 2017

Say ‘No’ to team snacks

team snacks

What I object to is the need to create a network of snack suppliers for the little league T-ball game that lasts as long as a special episode of “The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.” Are our children really so desperate for food that they cannot go even an hour without the promise of a treat? Read… Read more

VIDEO: Author Kelly Corrigan’s Mother’s Day note to you

kelly corrigan's mother's day note

Watch the Mother’s Day note you deserve…  

10 most hated cartoon characters of all time

most hated cartoon characters

Kids love their cartoons, and parents can often plop down on the family couch with a child in their lap and find themselves equally drawn in and amused. However, there are some characters many moms find themselves despising. Perhaps it is an irritating voice, a bad message they send to children, or an annoying, repetitive… Read more

Common Medication Mistakes Moms Make

Medication Mistakes Moms Make

You want the best for your children, but sometimes the health decisions you make can be dangerous. Read on for some of the most common medication mistakes moms make when treating their kids’ ailments, and find out what you can do to avoid them. Read more  

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother's Day

                              Happy Mother’s Day to all you superheroes out there! Keep up the good work. If you enjoyed this post “Like” us on Facebook for updates on more posts like it.        

Best Way to Get All Kids Vaccinated is to Appeal to U.S. Moms

image by allvoices

American mothers are being tapped to help see that children all over the world are getting their vaccines in a new program called Shot@Life. Read more

Start Couponing Smart Today

money saving mom

By Julie Samrick Can’t figure out how to buy $3,000 worth of groceries for $150? How about feeding your family and a friend’s family for $50 a month? These are just some of the amazing feats pulled off on TLC’s hit reality show Extreme Couponing. Since its debut in 2010 the show has spawned a… Read more

Sayonara to Summer

waterslide mom

By Ann Van De Water   It’s that time of year again.  Yep, back to school time.   What? The 100 plus degree temperatures and early August date fooled you?  Don’t get me started on the bizarre calendar of Rescue School District where my kids attend school. Seriously, come on and rescue me.    It… Read more

Why Moms Can’t Have It All


A high-powered career woman eats her words as she finally admits what she’s been trying to make happen since becoming a parent- a full-time working mom just can’t have it all unless she is in control of her own schedule.  Check out the cover story in the most recent edition of The Atlantic, “Why Women… Read more

Congratulations to Amy D.! You’ve got Mail!

Vintage Halloween Cookies

Thanks for all of your great comments!  Another product giveaway will be announced this week. I’ll give you a hint: Did you know it’s Fire Safety week?  Stay tuned… I was at a bridal shower a few years ago when I first saw and tasted one of my favorite party favors of all time- delicious,… Read more