January 20, 2018

Play games to help young children succeed in school

play games

By Julie Samrick When my oldest child turned one a friend gave him alphabet magnets for his birthday.  We placed them on the refrigerator and he’d reach for them, so we moved them lower, showing him first how magnets work. Soon they ended up on the kitchen floor and seeing the 26 letters brought the… Read more

Dear Lonely Mom of Older Kids

coolest kid in middle school

By Rachel Anne Ridge Remember when it was easy to post photos of your adorable baby, or messy toddler on Facebook? Remember how you could publicly bemoan sleepless nights, and kids pooping in the bathtub? How your fridge was full of magnets and fingerpaintings that were impossible to tell what they depicted? You could talk… Read more

Update on Texas pregnant woman on life support


A heartbroken Texas family – who are fighting to have a pregnant wife and mother they say is brain-dead removed from life support – has received more devastating news on the condition of her unborn fetus, according to their attorneys. Marlise Munoz was approximately 14 weeks pregnant when she collapsed on Nov. 26 at her… Read more

How did you combat holiday stress?

holiday stress

The holidays can be a stressful time for many. One of the times I tried to keep my cool was when our family got caught up in the shipping delays that affected so many others nationwide.   By mid-December I wanted to keep remembering the reason for the season and one thing I thought might… Read more

All signs point to One Direction: This is Us

One Direction

By Julie Samrick My seven-year-old likes One Direction and now I’m a secret admirer too.   They’re bubble gum sweet and very innocent…or the producers in the movie do a good job showing them as so. They sing the Seven Dwarves mantra, “Hi-ho! Hi-ho! It’s off to a work I go,” to amp up before… Read more

If you give a mom a load of laundry

If you give a mom a load of laundry

“If you give a mom a load of laundry” (a la “If You Give a Moose a Muffin” or “If you Give a Mouse a Cookie”) By Karma David If you give a mom a load of laundry, she’ll see the stack of dishes to be done. When she starts on the dishes, she’ll wonder… Read more

The Zimmerman Verdict

Zimmerman verdict

By Lowry Manders I’m white and most of my readers are, too. So nobody should really care what I have to say about the Trayvon Martin case and George Zimmerman verdict. I get that…I’m not even really entitled to an opinion on this matter….EXCEPT…I’m a mom, too. And I’m an American citizen….And I DO see this as… Read more

I wanna be like Stephen Colbert’s mom

Stephen Colbert's mom

By Lowry Manders What I know for sure…every mother leaves a legacy. Last night on the Colbert Report (a favorite show for me and Dustin), Stephen broke character to pay a loving tribute to his mother, Lorna Colbert, who died last week at age 92. She was the mother of 11 children, and left them quite… Read more

Thoughts on Momotony and Sacred Work


By Glennon Melton Sisters and brothers — summer is coming. Momotony (doing things all day that just get undone and then doing the same things the next day and the next and the next and…) is on its way. Let’s prepare. Read more at Huffington Post.

‘Iron Man 3′ Isn’t So Steely After All

Iron Man 3

By Julie Samrick It’s hard to keep movie spinoffs fresh, and so is the case with Iron Man 3.   Robert Downey Jr. reprises his role as Tony Stark, defense contractor turned Iron Man in the third installment of the popular comic book series.  In the first Iron Man we see his bumpy transformation into… Read more