February 24, 2018

Missouri twins born more than month apart

twins born more than month apart

As they strive for individuality, twins sometimes try to separate themselves by who is the oldest, even if only by minutes. But that will be less of an issue for Carl and David Cowan – twins born more than a month apart. Born 39 days apart, the Missouri newborns eclipse the headlines this week of a… Read more

Family Calls for End of Homecoming Festivities After Hurtful Prank


The Tanner family of Missouri is calling for accountability after their 15-year-old daughter was elected to the Homecoming Court as a prank.  Students proceeded to throw eggs at the girl with special needs during the parade.  Read more

Mother, 3 Daughters Found Dead


A mother and her 3 young daughters were found shot to death at a remote Missouri campground over the weekend.  Investigators aren’t ruling out a triple murder-suicide, yet friends who knew the 37-year-old mother, Christine Adewunmi,  say nothing seemed amiss in the family’s life.  Adewunmi’s husband, and the father of the 3 girls, first reported his… Read more

Mom Admits She Was Drunk Night Baby Lisa Went Missing


10-month-old Lisa Irwin has been missing since October 4th. Now her mother and the last person to see her, Deborah Bradley, fears she will soon be arrested since she’s now admitted she was drunk that night.  Watch Bradley’s  interview on Today.

One Memorable Baptism

Shirley Richard has a lot of experience and stories in her 73 years. Here is a funny story from her own childhood.  Thanks, Shirley!   I grew up on a farm in Missouri and we were members of the local Southern Baptist Church.  Baptism is by immersion and is quite a big deal.  When my brother was… Read more