February 21, 2018

Fight Over Whether Minors Should Have Full Access to Morning After Pill

morning after pill

The Department of Justice said that it will appeal a federal judge’s order to make the most common morning after pill available without a prescription for all ages. Read more

The Truth About Domestic Minor Sex-Trafficking

trafficking sex

What happens to trafficked children (forcibly raped for profit) in the U.S. when they are discovered by the police? Often they are arrested on prostitution charges, thrown into jail and treated like criminals, even though they are minors. Read more

Attorney General Eric Holder announces arrest of 72 people in child pornography sting

Eric Holder

The accused are linked to Dreamboard, a website that promotes pedophilia.  Thousands of images of children under the age of 12 being molested have been shared with the 600 members on the site.  Read more about the sting operation at USA Today. Lastly, I reiterate what I said about Jaycee Duggard’s captors: child molesters should be… Read more

Doctors in a bind when it comes to protecting young patients’ privacy


Doctors want to be on the side of parents, but they also want minor patients to seek care. Read more about it