January 19, 2018

Every Sunday could be Father’s Day

Father's Day inspiration

By Julie Samrick My uncle is in the end stages of ALS and was moved into comfort care this week. Though my dad has four daughters, the family he created with my mom, he’s said it’s a lonely feeling to be losing the last remaining member of his original family. At 67-years-old, my dad’s even… Read more

50 Things Only 80’s Kids Can Understand

80's kids

From how Baby Jessica riveted the country to where you were when the Challenger disaster happened, take a walk down memory lane…Read more

Dear Diary


By Ann Van De Water My twin girls started 5th grade this year.  For me, 5th grade was the year I met my best friend, started wearing a bra, got my period, and started believing my mother was really not very smart.  So it was with a bit of trepidation and foreboding that I took… Read more

Personal Photo on 8×10 Canvas Giveaway CLOSED


Since pictures have gone digital, I’ve gotten in the bad habit of keeping photos on my camera, and then on my computer even longer.  One of my goals for 2012 is to get more current pictures up around the house.   EasyCanvasPrints.com is a site that contacted me about their services and I’m so glad… Read more

How Often Do You Eat Dinner As A Family?

How Often Do You Eat Dinner As A Family?

By Lillian Sanderson   We always had family dinners when I was a child.  This was the era of moms at home and dads working until dinner hour.  The five of us sat in the dining room every night and ate a nice homemade dinner of meat, potato, and vegetable.  There was also a steaming… Read more

Happy Birthday Girl Scouts! May You Have at Least 100 More


By Julie Samrick The experiences I had as a Girl Scout back in the 1970s and ‘80s still rank in the top 5 memories of my childhood- like the “tippy test” at camp each summer, when we had to flip a canoe over in the middle of a cold lake, fully clothed, and then get… Read more

Notes From the Past


By Lillian Sanderson   This evening I decided a game of Scrabble would be fun.  I found both my own game and the one that had belonged to my parents, who have been gone now for quite a few years.  I chose the old one.   Half way through the game, as I reached to… Read more

The Power of Storytelling


By Caroline Taylor My dad’s career as an Aerospace Engineer at NASA was elusive, mysterious, and at times, contradictory. I vaguely remember the day I discovered that when he went to work every day as an “engineer” he did not actually change into denim coveralls, a striped hat, and drive a giant locomotive. I am… Read more

Christmas Through a 3-Year-Old’s Eyes

Christmas tree girl

This Christmas season has been extra special with a 3-year-old in the house.  I didn’t notice it as much when the other kids were her age, but talk about magical. She doesn’t have a memory of previous Christmases- it’s all new to her and I have been struck more than once by her wonder.  When… Read more

The Muppet Movie is for Everyone


After all these years, the Muppets are still their charming, wholesome, zany selves, gaining a new generation of fans as well as staying exactly the same for those of us who grew up watching them.  Writer and star of The Muppet Movie, Jason Segel, doesn’t try to modernize the Muppets by making them crude and… Read more