February 18, 2018

How to create a stronger math student before your child ever starts school

early math skills

By Julie Samrick I’ve shared how the years before kindergarten are optimal for playing games to create brighter students later on. And by specifically embracing numbers at an early age don’t be surprised when you’ve created a stronger math student too.    Sometimes when we wait to introduce concepts to kids, it takes them longer… Read more

Teen Becomes First to Solve Math Riddle Posed By Sir Isaac Newton

German teen solves 300 year old Math problem

For 300 years, calculating the exact solution to a problem posed by Sir Isaac Newton in the 17th century has stumped mathematicians. A 16-year old Indian born teen has finally figured out the exact path of a projectile under gravity while subject to air resistance.  Crediting his father for instilling in him a curiosity for math, Shouryya Ray… Read more

Michigan Urges Earlier School Cut Off Date to Keep 4-year-olds Home


Michigan currently requires kids be 5 by Dec. 1 to enroll in kindergarten, one of just a few states with such a late cutoff date. A growing number of parents and educators would like to see that date changed to Sept. 1, so 4-year-olds would have an extra year to prepare for the increasing demands… Read more

Lego Goes After the Other 50%

legos pink

Legos are consistently popular among both boys and girls as toddlers, but the more intricate, smaller models that boys seize on from about age 6 largely leave girls cold. In “Lego Is for Girls,” Bloomberg Businessweek profiles the research that led Lego to create an all-new line for girls (scheduled to be released January 1st).  Read more

U.S. Math Scores Slightly Up While Reading Lags


After 20 years of Congressionally mandated federal testing, a close look at trends since 1990 show that while 4th-8th grade math scores have risen, reading scores haven’t improved.  One theory is that math is learned in school while reading is strengthened at home- indicating that kids are reading less in their free time.  Read more

Kahn Academy is Changing the Way Kids Learn


Salman Kahn, who is not a teacher by trade, is revolutionizing how kids are learning Math and Science. His video tutorials are receiving accolades from millions of kids and even Bill Gates.  What’s next?   Hopes that he’ll branch out into other subjects.  Read his back story at Slate.  And watch the Basic Addition video… Read more

Secretary of Education Will Override Main Point of School Accountability Law

Arne-Duncan-and-Kids-equity blog

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan says the No Child Left Behind Law that President George W. Bush signed into law in 2002 is hurting schools, and he will not hold our nation’s 100,000 schools accountable for being 100% proficient in Math and Reading by 2014.  Some feel he must back away from enforcing the law,… Read more