January 20, 2018

Giveaway: Mr. Tiger Goes Wild

Mr. Tiger Goes Wild

Mr. Tiger is so tired of pretense and so sick of using his best manners he decides to “go wild” one day.   Mr. Tiger Goes Wild is a funny new picture book kids 4 to 8 will enjoy, yet adults and older children will appreciate the wit and illustrations just as much.   Written and… Read more

Why Kids Still Need to Learn Manners


My (professor) husband’s new crop of undergrads won’t know how to address him. They’ll toggle between no salutation, using his first name only, or greeting him with a cheery: “Hey!” Sadly, being called “Hey!” by a teen doesn’t inspire my husband’s cheer, nor does it establish the rapport the sender may have wished. Instead, it… Read more

Phone Etiquette and Kids


By Julie Samrick My oldest son is at his Grandma and Grandpa’s this week, nearly 1,000 miles away.  In nearly 10 years, we’ve never been apart for more than 3 days, but he jumped at the chance to go.  He’s been an only child with them, lavished with attention, not having to compromise with 3… Read more

What the French Parenting Theory Is Really Saying

bad behavior

Amidst talk of whether or not French parenting is superior, that the French raise more pleasant, well behaved kids, I came across this piece in TIME by American Judith Warner, who defends the French as superior parents in one regard: their kids aren’t as bratty as ours. Not that French children are happier or smarter,… Read more

Meals and Manners by Lillian Sanderson

table manners tannersmannerscom

By Lillian Sanderson On the topic of manners, table manners are important as well.  So many families are on the run at meal times that they rarely sit together and actually have a nice visit and enjoy a meal.  I sort of hate to suggest that there be some criticism imposed on the kids during… Read more

Manners Scenarios: Lesson #2- A Proper Handshake


My parents instilled in their 4 daughters the importance of giving a proper handshake.  The lesson stayed with me as one of the more important first impression social lessons.  Now I am passing this lesson along to our 7 and 9-year-old sons.  They are getting to the age where it’s nice to greet a male… Read more

Manners Scenarios: Lesson #1- Interrupting

manners scenarios

Depending on their age, work on different manners with your kids by acting out the situations.  It’s really fun! While we rode in the car I practiced manners when it comes to interrupting with my 3 and 5 year olds.  I was the child and they were having a conversation.  I blurted into their conversation…. Read more

Ostrich Parenting Ostracizes Kids


All the kid activities this summer have reinforced an ugly pet peeve of mine: misbehaving kids whose parents are nowhere to be found or who choose to do nothing about it.  Whether we’ve been at the park, daily swim team practices, or standing in line at the movies, I’ve seen the situation countless times this… Read more