December 18, 2017

Play games to help young children succeed in school

play games

By Julie Samrick When my oldest child turned one a friend gave him alphabet magnets for his birthday.  We placed them on the refrigerator and he’d reach for them, so we moved them lower, showing him first how magnets work. Soon they ended up on the kitchen floor and seeing the 26 letters brought the… Read more

My All Time Favorite Kids’ Toy: Ode to the Magna Doodle

play games

I’d been scratching my head over what to get my 3-year-old for her birthday.  As the 4th child, she has plenty of toys already at her disposal.  We already have Candyland, dolls and tricycles just waiting for her use.   After some careful consideration, I decided to replace something that’s been an enduring toy in… Read more

Ode to the Magna Doodle


My baby is turning 3 this weekend! So what to get for the 4th child’s present, when we have so many toys already? Even though the $40 price tag stung a little (were they always this expensive?), I bought a replacement of my favorite kids toy that’s worth every penny- the Magna Doodle. When we… Read more