December 18, 2017

Technology can never replace love

Or time spent with one another…  

Dad Shoots Teen’s Laptop, Parents Applaud, But at What Cost?

Tommy Jordan, a father from North Carolina, made the following video last week and his verbal lashing of his daughter’s on-line rant is obviously resonating with many parents- the video that closes with Jordan shooting at his daughter’s laptop has already received over 22 MILLION hits!  I am all for not raising kids into self-centered… Read more

The Big Secret to Getting Your Kids to Behave

Secret to Getting Your Kids to Behave

By Erin Kurt Ever wonder why some days your kids just seem to test you, rebel against you or resist everything you ask of them? That happened to me a couple of days ago and I want to share with you how I resolved this issue.    My family has been on holiday for the… Read more

Teaching About Giving and Sacrifice


My husband and I have the same birthday.  Before kids, our special day was always celebrated not with presents, but with shared experiences.  We’d get massages, go to the movies, sometimes we’d eat every meal in a restaurant.  4 kids later, I still love that we share that special bond, but the celebrations have changed…. Read more

Tree of Life by Caroline Taylor


When my mom passed away from colon cancer eight years ago, when my third son was just four months old, I remember my aunt sympathetically telling me, “Your mom was one of the special grandmas,” as if it was a secret and exclusive club. With the pain from her death weighing on me like a… Read more

10 Ways Loving a Dog Can Teach Kids To Have A Healthy Body Image

dog kids

by Danielle B. Grossman, MFT Worried parents often come to my psychotherapy office, wondering how to teach their children to have a healthy attitude toward their bodies. These parents have heard their adolescents and pre-adolescents make comments like ‘I hate my thighs,’ or ‘I’m so fat and gross,’ or ‘Why do I train the same amount as… Read more

How 9/11 Changed My View of Starting a Family


I was a high school teacher on September 11, 2001, not yet a mother.  My husband and I had been married just over a year and we’d recently decided it was time to start a family. Like many hopeful couples we had it planned down to exactly what season I should conceive (Ok maybe it… Read more