December 17, 2017

Lessons We Hope They Take With Them

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By Lillian Sanderson As one of my precious older grandchildren heads south for some sun and sand over school vacation, along with wishes for fun, I gave her a warning to protect her beautiful skin from the sun. As an afterthought I said, “No second chances with your skin!” Then I began to think about… Read more

How Often Do You Eat Dinner As A Family?

How Often Do You Eat Dinner As A Family?

By Lillian Sanderson   We always had family dinners when I was a child.  This was the era of moms at home and dads working until dinner hour.  The five of us sat in the dining room every night and ate a nice homemade dinner of meat, potato, and vegetable.  There was also a steaming… Read more

Gray Hair? I Don’t Think So!

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By Lillian Sanderson The word gray can mean somewhere in the middle.  It is not black and not white.   It also pertains to anything to do with older people, as in “the graying of the population.”  It is a day without sunshine or a mood that is sad.  Gray has a desolate sound to it. … Read more

What to Do With the Punchbowl?


By Lillian Sanderson   Years of holiday parties, decorating for big family gatherings, celebrating graduations, and First Communions mean that I have on hand any number of lovely serving dishes, punch bowls, pretty cups and glasses, extra silverware, and the list goes on.   Now, I am the grandmother, not the “mom.”  Oh, I will… Read more

Notes From the Past


By Lillian Sanderson   This evening I decided a game of Scrabble would be fun.  I found both my own game and the one that had belonged to my parents, who have been gone now for quite a few years.  I chose the old one.   Half way through the game, as I reached to… Read more

Pre-Empty Nest Syndrome


It seems like lots of physical conditions have a warning that appears prior to the actual ailment.  These include pre-diabetes, pre-menopause, and pre-cancer.  I think there are warnings that show up before or along with some emotional changes as well.   Everyone knows about  “Empty Nest Syndrome,” but it does not have a medical diagnosis… Read more

School, Self Esteem and Love by Lillian Sanderson

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Sometimes children are given signals from adults that reduce their opinion of themselves. They take criticism personally and begin to express the opinion that they are “dumb”. It is really difficult to know why some children’s self esteem deflates so easily.  I have seen this happen and it is heartbreaking to watch children be so frustrated… Read more

Meals and Manners by Lillian Sanderson

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By Lillian Sanderson On the topic of manners, table manners are important as well.  So many families are on the run at meal times that they rarely sit together and actually have a nice visit and enjoy a meal.  I sort of hate to suggest that there be some criticism imposed on the kids during… Read more

Helping Kids Choose Friends by Lillian Sanderson

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I have very dear friends from my childhood and teen years who I met in our neighborhood or at school.  What made us be drawn to each other and stay connected for so long is more complicated. We all know that our friends had a great influence on our decisions when we were young, and… Read more

You CAN Teach an Old Dog New Tricks by Lillian Sanderson

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So many old sayings plant themselves in our heads and, whether we realize it or not, they affect our thinking.  I suppose some are helpful, like “haste makes waste,” but the one that has bugged me for years is “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”   Many children figure it is too late… Read more