February 24, 2018

Why summer school is a good thing

summer school

For years, Jennifer Dresmich, a middle school teacher in Pittsburgh, saw students come back from summer vacation further behind than when they left. Read more This news story echoes an article I wrote in 2012. Read A case for year-round school.

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Especially during their first 5 years, I work a lot with my kids on their numbers and letters while they’re still home with me.  I print single sheets off the web when I can and make up plenty of learning opportunities on the fly.     I was impressed, though, when Amy Schwary, a mom… Read more

Burak, 9, just recently took up knitting and look what he’s made


Burak’s mom says he learned how to knit just recently and already has a long waiting list of friends who would like him to make them knitted caps just like this one…

Teachers Aren’t To Blame for Lagging U.S. Education, Parents Are


Columnist Thomas Friedman argues teachers shouldn’t be getting all the blame for U.S. children’s lagging test scores- sure good teachers are important, he says, but involved parents who spend time with their kids is key.  More important than volunteering in the classroom, attending PTA meetings, or playing games with our kids, reading with them and… Read more

What Bilingual Babies Really Understand

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In a fascinating article in today’s New York Times, a study just out of the University of Washington on babies and bilingualism is sorted out. Researchers used measures of electrical brain responses to compare the cognition of infants being raised with one language at home to infants exposed to two languages.  The study goes even further-… Read more

There’s No Such Thing as Attention Deficit Disorder


One writer analyzed successful teachers and found that each and every one of them distracted their students into learning.  And in the end, she also discovered “except in the most extreme cases, no one really has an ‘attention deficit’— we all pay attention to something.”  Read more at the Wall Street Journal

A Case for Year-Round School

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As a kid I loved the thrill of returning to school after a 3-month summer hiatus. Crisp, back to school clothes were worn with pride.  Clean pencil boxes and stiff cartons of crayons were handled carefully those first few days back into the routine. It was always so fresh and exciting to see teachers and… Read more