December 18, 2017

Mr. Peabody & Sherman offer adventure and heart

Mr. Peabody & Sherman

Julie Samrick  To look around the movie theater, parents had the biggest smiles on their faces during Mr. Peabody & Sherman, the new animated Dreamworks film that’s a nod to the past while still offering a clever, fresh plot.   Mr. Peabody and Sherman is based on the adventures of the1960s characters of the same… Read more

Play games to help young children succeed in school

play games

By Julie Samrick When my oldest child turned one a friend gave him alphabet magnets for his birthday.  We placed them on the refrigerator and he’d reach for them, so we moved them lower, showing him first how magnets work. Soon they ended up on the kitchen floor and seeing the 26 letters brought the… Read more

Why I won’t let my sixth grader have a cell phone

Why I won't let my sixth grader have a cell phone

By Julie Samrick My oldest child begins middle school this week and his pleas for more technology have reached crescendo levels.  He’d like instagram on his iPod; he needs to check You Tube on my laptop “real quick.” Many of his peers have received cell phones for sixth grade, and he’d like to know when… Read more

Turbo is Terrific


By Julie Samrick Theo the garden snail may handle overripe tomatoes during the day but after hours he dreams of navigating the curves of Nascar’s track and the “terrifying, blazing speed” of it that makes him happiest.   Though he’s subject to ridicule for these grand dreams, an accident soon gives him turbo powers. But will… Read more

Magic of 3

magic of 3

By Julie Samrick So much gets easier once children turn three.  They’re beginning to really communicate; potty training is a thing of the past; less or no naps equal more freedom for all.  And though these little steps are undoubtedly great, I was most excited by going back to the movie theater once my youngest… Read more

“Man of Steel” darker, more solitary in 2013

Man of Steel movie

By Julie Samrick As a girl I swooned over Christopher Reeve as Superman.  I don’t know if it was his strength or that single curl of hair that fell on his forehead. Or maybe it was those goofy glasses he wore as Clark Kent that still couldn’t hide his cuteness. Perhaps it was his smirk,… Read more

16 Summer Lessons

summer lessons

  By Julie Samrick With the exception of homeschooling families, there just isn’t as much time to hang out with kids during the traditional school year like there is during summer vacation. When my older three kids were younger, they’d learn many things by osmosis, or simply by hanging out with me all day. We’d… Read more

The French May Not Have ADHD But It’s Only Getting Worse Here

media multitasking

By Julie Samrick “Mom, I need to read two chapters for a test tomorrow,” your 8th grader declares.  He shuts the door to his bedroom and for the next 45 minutes at least three different technology devices compete for his attention, bouncing between texts, music, and stopping to look things up on the web “real… Read more

Why Do Parents Cry at Milestones?


  By Julie Samrick As graduations and other milestones abound this time of year, it reminds me of the bittersweet moments in all parents’ lives when our kids grow and move on to a new phase a little too quickly for our comfort sometimes.  I’ve thought a lot about why these moments are bittersweet- we… Read more

May is The Cruelest Month


By Julie Samrick Dear Tracy, I am sorry I can’t make your bachelorette party later this month.  I would like nothing better than to kick up my heels with you and dance, to celebrate the next wonderful chapter of your life. But you see, it’s May.   It was the writer T.S. Eliot who called… Read more