February 24, 2018

Even in the dead of winter you can serve a healthy fruit snack by cutting up apples, oranges, bananas and grapes. I used fat free vanilla yogurt as the dip and the kids gobbled it up!


Make Tortellini Soup


Kids will love this tortellini soup and adults will devour it. It’s healthy too!   Sautee any vegetables you have on hand.  I usually dice carrots, add a little onion and some fresh spinach. Add 1/4 cup apple juice (cuts acidity) Add 4 cups chicken broth (I usually make my own with water and bouillon-… Read more

Make A Healthy Snack Like Snowmen on a Stick


This recipe is from Dr. Sears  L.E.A.N Snowman On A Stick  Ingredients: Bananas Grapes Carrot Apple Bamboo skewers Mini chocolate chips Pretzel sticks Instructions: You will need three thick slices of bananas, a grape, a sliver of a carrot and a triangular piece of apple for each snowman. (Tip: Use the bamboo skewer to poke… Read more

Top 5 Bargain Vacation Spots This Summer

image from kidventurous

Planning a quick family jaunt somewhere this summer, but don’t want to spend a lot of money?  Here are 5 vacation spots, equally spread around the United States except for Costa Rica.  And to think just last week we were in Tahoe, so close to one of the places on the list…next time! Read the… Read more