February 18, 2018

VIDEO: Author Kelly Corrigan’s Mother’s Day note to you

kelly corrigan's mother's day note

Watch the Mother’s Day note you deserve…  

Why I won’t let my sixth grader have a cell phone

Why I won't let my sixth grader have a cell phone

By Julie Samrick My oldest child begins middle school this week and his pleas for more technology have reached crescendo levels.  He’d like instagram on his iPod; he needs to check You Tube on my laptop “real quick.” Many of his peers have received cell phones for sixth grade, and he’d like to know when… Read more

Kelly Corrigan gives infinite reasons we should all read more

Author of The Middle Place Kelly Corrigan gave this short speech about literacy recently.  “From Louisa May Alcott to Captain Underpants,” why is it vital we keep reading anything and everything?