February 24, 2018

How To Train Your Dragon 2 is much more than its title


Overall Kid Focused grade: A- Rated PG Running time: 1 hour, 45 minutes   By Julie Samrick   Since dragons were banned, then accepted, in the first How to Train Your Dragon movie, dragon racing has become the Vikings’ favorite pastime in its sequel, How To Train Your Dragon 2.   The son of Chief… Read more

Valentine Craft on a Budget

martha stewart valentine craft

I am helping in my daughter’s kindergarten class later today for their Valentine’s Day party.  I had to think of one of the crafts to do with them and thought the idea on the cover of the February issue of Martha Stewart Living was cute                    … Read more

When did asking someone to a dance become like a marriage proposal?

asking to dance like a marriage proposal

I’m fascinated by a trend that’s growing stronger: boys asking girls to formal dances with the sort of over-the-top gestures that rival grown men proposing marriage. Remember, the latter are men asking women to share their lives with them, compared to teenage boys asking girls to accompany them to one hours-long evening. There are stories… Read more

Prom? Homecoming? When did asking become like a marriage proposal?

when did asking become like a marriage proposal

Read the updated post I’ve been fascinated by a trend that’s growing stronger every formal dance season- Boys asking girls to prom and homecoming dances with the kind of over-the-top tactics many grown men don’t even think of when they’re proposing marriage to someone they want to devote their lives to, let alone one hours-long… Read more

Truck Stop by Anne Rockwell: Win a Copy Today

Truck Stop by Ann Rockwell

By Julie Samrick Like many other little boys, when my now 9 and 10 year old sons were little they were obsessed with trucks.  They could point out and identify every variety- cement mixers, big rigs, tow trucks, and their favorite— car transporters.   The newly released picture book Truck Stop by Anne Rockwell is perfect… Read more

Tired of the Same Old Books on your Kids’ Bookshelf?


 I love that my 9 and 10-year olds are avid readers, but they tear through books so fast I’d go broke if I were buying that many books one at a time. And for my younger kids, ages 4 and 6, the same old books in their room are getting pretty stale when we sit… Read more

Why Are Some Kids Picky Eaters?

boy and cooked vegetables

For many families, the holiday season is as much about stuffing your face as it is about stuffing stockings…These same gustatory delights can make the holidays a nightmare, however, for the parents of fussy eaters. Read more at Slate

Monthly Family Craft Projects Delivered to Your Door


“I want to do cwafts,” has been a refraining theme ever since my now 6-year-old daughter could talk.  She’s lost her lazy r, but she still wants to do crafts all of the time and so does her little sister.  I try to think of ideas, but oftentimes we simply color.  Either way, spending time… Read more

25 Ways to Countdown to Christmas With Your Kids

ways to countdown to christmas

By Lowry Manders Christmas, in many ways, is a reminder of how LIFE should be. While it’s here, practice making magical, meaningful moments every day because children do grow up so fast, just like we did.  Don’t you remember the magic and wonder? I do. I remember some of the presents (like the remote-control blimp that got caught by a wind… Read more

Gift Giving


By Ann Van De Water It’s that time of year again.  The time of year when in the process of trying to create a wonderful holiday season for my family, I often blow it.  I overextend myself, spending too much time and energy on activities and things for my family.  Some activities are wonderful and… Read more