February 18, 2018

Homework hasn’t increased in 30 years

Parental concerns about ever-expanding homework assignments for their children may be misguided, according to new research suggesting that students’ homework burdens have barely changed in 30 years. Read more  

New French President’s Attack on Homework

francois hollande

President Francois Hollande, the socialist leader swept into office in May, has targeted homework as bestowing an unfair advantage on the rich, and his solution is to eliminate it for all elementary and junior high school students. But the plan is drawing criticism from the very folks it was supposed to help – poor people…. Read more

Rethinking Homework


by Jane Lee When my kids were in middle school, I looked extensively for research to support the efficacy of homework and there is shockingly little to support it. Looking through the national educational research database (ERIC), these two pieces of info stood out: 1) The only subject improved by homework is math; and, 2)… Read more

The Poor Quality of Undergraduate Education


It was shocking to see the dumbing down of curriculum while I was a high school teacher, but now colleges aren’t faring much better. Maybe we should rethink how we spend those dollars. Read the NY Times article here