February 18, 2018

‘Every 15′ offers sobering reminder to teens

Every 15

By Julie Samrick One high school student lay dead, ejected from the vehicle her best friend drove seconds before. Only the frantic wails of a second passenger could be heard as she called her best friends’ names from the back seat, pleading for them to answer. The teenage drunk driver, also from the same high… Read more

Twerking banned at Maryland high schools

twerking banned

NO twerking allowed…Two Maryland high schools are having kids sign contracts saying they will not perform the suggestive dance at any school functions or dances. Read more

Top Colleges Say High School GPA Not a Major Factor

Some of the nation’s top colleges and universities are saying they barely look at an applicant’s Grade Point Average. So what do they look for? Read more

Why We Never Truly Leave High School


Kurt Vonnegut wrote that high school “is closer to the core of the American experience than anything else I can think of.” Read why those years, for better or worse, are the most defining years of a person’s life. Read more

Wisconsin Sudents Boycott Healthier School Lunches


70% of the 830 students who normally buy lunch at Mukwonago High School in Wisconsin opted out of their school’s hot lunch since the junk factor has gone down while the price for more whole grains, fruits, and vegetables has gone slightly up. Pam Harris, the Mukwonago district food service supervisor and a registered dietitian,… Read more

Do Kids Really Need to Learn Algebra?


A college professor argues that algebra is the number one deterrent to kids’ finishing high school and then going on to college.  Sure kids need to know how to do long division and other basic Math, he says, but Algebra is unnecessary and should be a requirement only for those going to schools like M.I.T…. Read more

Teacher Wrestles Teen Gunman, Saves Lives

perry hall

A 15-year-old student at Perry Hall High School in Maryland walked into the school cafeteria on Monday, the school’s first day of classes, and began shooting.  One student was critically wounded before a teacher wrestled the gun from the attacker and subdued him until help arrived. Read more

“Sparkle” Shines but Shows Plenty of Rough Patches Too


By Julie Samrick It’s 1968 in Detroit, the heart of Motown, and every young girl wants to be the next Aretha or Diana Ross.  Sparkle is about a new generation’s passion for the music at that time, centering on three sisters who moonlight as a girl group away from their protective mother’s (Whitney Houston) watchful… Read more

Georgia High School Choruses Told Not Diverse Enough

Lassiter chorus in Atlanta

Two Georgia high school choruses are being judged by their looks and not by their talent, as some complain the Atlanta symphony said they are not diverse enough to perform with them.  They’d prefer choruses of young people “that reflect the diversity of the city” instead.  Read more What do you think? 

Crackdown on Sexy Prom Dresses Nationwide

A student PowerPoint presentation showing what is not acceptable

To avoid having to turn away tearful girls on the big night, prom organizers across the country are taking pre-emptive action, issuing specific guidelines early, offering dress approval in advance and relying on image-heavy PowerPoint presentations to make it crystal clear what styles will, and won’t, be allowed at the dance.  Read more about it