January 19, 2018

Graduate of the year


TAY THI NGUYEN is one of the mightiest people I’ve met, at 94 pounds. She has a towering presence, at a bit more than 5 feet tall. She is so strong that she probably could bench press 25 pounds. Three times Tay Thi has fainted while here at college, training to become an English teacher,… Read more

New College Grads See More Job Opportunities


Job fairs were packed this spring and some new college graduates are now weighing multiple job offers.  College graduates today are seeing the most opportunities since the crash of 2008, when they first entered college.  Why is this? Read more

Latest Exports to India: American College Grads

india taj

A dean at one university says that 20% of his school’s graduating class are now taking jobs in Asia, up from less than 10% 5 years ago. Read more about why young people are gravitating away from the U.S. for work and opportunities here.