January 19, 2018

Skipping grades is rare, but it might just save the world

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By Jay Mathews When Linda Mc­Veigh began second grade at Kit Carson Elementary School in Lawndale, Calif., her teacher saw she was far ahead. She had learned to read at age four from her 12-year-old aunt. The blonde 7-year-old from a rural Oklahoma family was funny and talkative. Her math scores were very high. The… Read more

So What if Your Gifted Child Gets All A’s?

report card all a's

There will be a time when Sara, used to getting A’s, finally gets to that class where the A is not so easy to achieve. The work demands attention in a different way, and study skills that have not had a chance (or even a reason!) to develop in the past are suddenly, dramatically, and… Read more

Better Fitness Equals Higher Grades

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A recent study shows that fitter kids do far better in reading and math than kids who are not in good physical shape.  Read more

Why is the Idea of Holding Kids Back Making a Comeback?

bored student

A lot of data is cited in this article to prove retention, or holding kids back, does nothing but harm them in the long run, yet some policymakers are pushing for schools to do more of it.  I can’t help but think they are feeling pushed into a corner. Read more

If Only We Could Bottle Them Up

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  This post was selected to be featured in the Family section on BlogHer.  After you read it, I’d love to know what milestones you just know are ahead for your kids this school year, and I’d also love to hear which stages of your own school life made the biggest impression on you?   … Read more