February 21, 2018

Younger generation more supportive of Snowden


The generation that grew up in the digital age is the least supportive of the U.S. government collecting personal data online in the interests of national security. Read more

The Evolution of Birthday Parties

balloons party

By Julie Samrick Being in the birthday party phase of life- we’re in the thick of it having four kids under eleven- I’ve noticed some changes as to how kids celebrate their big day today.   Here are 5 ways birthday parties have changed over the years:   1. Supersized Gone are the days of celebrating… Read more

The 1980s are Back! So Why Is This Important?

80s neon colors

By Julie Samrick Pop culture from 30 years ago is being recycled with a vengeance.  Who knew neon colors and paint- splattered palettes would make a comeback?  At my son’s soccer tournament over Halloween weekend a girls’ team donned side ponytails and off-the-shoulder Flashdance shirts that read “Let’s Get Physical.”  The primetime music shows like… Read more

Why Neil Armstrong’s ‘Giant Leap for Mankind’ Changed History and Inspired Us All

neil armstrong

More than half of the people alive on the planet today (including me) weren’t alive to witness Armstrong’s monumental “step,” but  he’s inspired us, and changed the world as it was.  Read more

The Care Bears Are Back to Entertain a New Generation of Fans

Launching Saturday morning on The Hub (8 ET/PT), the new animated Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot introduces the likes of Tenderheart Bear, Share Bear, Cheer Bear and others to a whole new generation of children. “Since the Care Bears have seen several iterations over the past 30 years, almost every age group has ‘grown up’ with the… Read more

The First Generation to Grow Up on Drugs

image from salon.com

“Our society is not used to thinking about the fact that so many young people have already spent their formative years on pharmaceutical treatment for mental illness. Rather, we focus on the here-and-now, wringing our hands about ‘overmedicated kids.’ We debate whether doctors, parents, and teachers rely too heavily on meds to pacify or normalize… Read more

A Culture of No Spanking?

no spanking

An article in The Atlantic explains why as a culture we’ve stopped spanking and the pros and cons for doing so.  Read about it