January 20, 2018

Best not to be coolest kid in middle school later

coolest kid in middle school

It might have been tough not being the coolest kid in middle school, but new research shows that teens who weren’t part of the in crowd go on to have healthier lives once they hit adulthood. A study published Thursday in the journalChild Development shares that teens who were so focused on being popular were often… Read more

Happy Adolescence Leads to Better Marriages in Adulthood

Having a warm and supportive home during one’s teenage years may make for more satisfying marriages later on, new research suggests. Read more  

Baylor’s Robert Griffin III Wins Heisman Trophy


Not only did the 21-year-old win the coveted sports award for the first time in Baylor’s history, he is smart too. Griffin is a dean’s list student at Baylor, having graduated early with a degree in political science. He plans to apply to law school when he finishes playing football. Read more about Griffin at the… Read more

What Bilingual Babies Really Understand

image from dreamstime.com

In a fascinating article in today’s New York Times, a study just out of the University of Washington on babies and bilingualism is sorted out. Researchers used measures of electrical brain responses to compare the cognition of infants being raised with one language at home to infants exposed to two languages.  The study goes even further-… Read more