December 18, 2017

Funny kid notes

funny kid notes

  These funny kid notes were written in all seriousness, but most are laugh out loud funny..view more

Show this “Ultimate Dog Tease” video to any and all kids


It’ll make ‘em smile!

Lots of Annoying Orange Laughs VIDEO

Annoying Orange

For those of you with older kids, if you haven’t checked out the Annoying Orange short videos, they are a must see.  I’m linking the first video of the series- where it’s clearly established why the Orange is annoying, but hilarious too. Check out the rest of the episodes on YouTube or for a… Read more

Rhymes and looks like “Good Night Moon,” but also has the F word?


A bedtime book with the ultimate swear word (gasp- the F word!) has shot to the top of best seller lists and it’s not even available for purchase until June 14th. It’s resonating with parents everywhere who agree bedtime is the most frustrating part of the day. Read the full story

One Memorable Baptism

Shirley Richard has a lot of experience and stories in her 73 years. Here is a funny story from her own childhood.  Thanks, Shirley!   I grew up on a farm in Missouri and we were members of the local Southern Baptist Church.  Baptism is by immersion and is quite a big deal.  When my brother was… Read more