February 24, 2018

Why Suckable Fruit Pouches Suck

suckable fruit

Certainly, if you’re choosing between a suckable fruit or vegetable pouch and a chocolate chip cookie, then pick the former. But if you think these snacks are the equivalent of handing your child an apple and a few grapes, you are mistaken.Read more at Slate.

What to Do With That Leftover Veggie Tray

veggie stirfry

By Julie Samrick Too often, fresh produce gets tossed after a few days of nibbling on it.  I know I was just about to toss a leftover veggie tray this week until I remembered a little trick:  I blanched the raw vegetables (cooked them in boiling hot water for just a few minutes) and then… Read more

Even in the dead of winter you can serve a healthy fruit snack by cutting up apples, oranges, bananas and grapes. I used fat free vanilla yogurt as the dip and the kids gobbled it up!