February 24, 2018

Make Pigs In a Blanket for Your Next Kids’ Party

pigs in blanket

Everybody loves Pigs in a Blanket and they couldn’t be easier: Buy 2 packages of lil’ smokies (I used Hilshire Farms brand) Buy 1 cylinder of Pillsbury Crescent rolls Slice the dough into long strips, wrapping one strip of dough around the middle of each “pig,”  seam side down. Bake on a lightly greased baking… Read more

Netflix Calls Their Latest Move “Kid-Friendly” but I Think it’s More Divisive to the Family


And if entertainment hasn’t entirely taken over family bonding yet, Netflix hopes to segregate us from each other even more (and I’ve been a Netflix customer since 2001). Read about Netflix’s latest business plan, after announcing in July they will raise fees in what is an effort for us to drop the more expensive DVD… Read more