December 18, 2017

Cold versus flu versus H1N1


There’s a lot of talk of stronger strains and H1N1 this year. Take a look at the chart below for the differences between a cold, seasonal flu and H1N1.

The Great Mysteries of the Flu


By Julie Samrick It seems everyone I know has been affected by the same doozy of a flu virus this winter. I’ve heard more than one parent explain it as “death.” My 5th grader said there were 18 kids missing out of his class of 30 last week, so I thought for sure we were… Read more

Hand washing Still Best Solution to Getting Sick


With flu season in full swing, hand washing is still the best antidote to illness. Read more

Flu Season Q&A

The flu season is off to a roaring start with a bug that looks “particularly severe,” according to the Food and Drug Administration. What do you need to know about the flu and how to keep from getting it? Read more