January 19, 2018

Every Sunday could be Father’s Day

Father's Day inspiration

By Julie Samrick My uncle is in the end stages of ALS and was moved into comfort care this week. Though my dad has four daughters, the family he created with my mom, he’s said it’s a lonely feeling to be losing the last remaining member of his original family. At 67-years-old, my dad’s even… Read more

Fun Facts About Fathers Day

Father's Day inspiration

By Julie Samrick It’s no coincidence that Fathers’ Day is in June, but could there be a better month for dads to revel in our gratitude?  There are barbecues to be had, baseball games to attend, and other fun, outdoorsy things like fishing and special camping trips.    It was Sonora Smart Dodd of Spokane,… Read more

Why Fathers Are Happier Than Their Childless Friends


The benefits of being a father far outweigh any frustrations or worry.  Read more about this interesting study published in TIME this week, which shows why dads in particular are happier than non parents.

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daddies do it different

Just in time for Father’s Day, a new book humorously shows the contrasts between how mothers and fathers play and care for their kids, but in the end the love they have for their children is the exact same.   In Daddies Do It Different, by Alan Lawrence Sitomer, a little girl compares how her mother and… Read more

Father’s Day

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Ahhhhh what memories we have of our fathers:   How he laughed How he told a joke His smell The spark in his eye that made you know he was on the brink of anger His patience His lap The feel of holding his hand His singing voice His good night hug His lessons in… Read more