December 18, 2017

Florida mom received BMI “fat letter” about daughter

BMI "fat letter"

A Florida mother is upset she received a note from her daughter’s school that her 5 ft. 5 inch, 124-pound daughter is considered overweight because her Body Mass Index (BMI) is 22. “Lily is tall, she’s athletic, she’s solid muscle,” Kristen Grasso said. “By no means is she overweight.” Read more

The Link Between Poverty and Obesity Explained

fat child progression

One writer argues “poor fat people are different from rich fat people” and it doesn’t have to do with access to healthy foods, which can often be more expensive than sugary, starchy alternatives.  Read more about what the real culprits are.

Sugar Frosted “Fat?”

image from TIME

Tony the Tiger turns 62 this year and artist Ron English parodies popular cereal brands like “Sugar Frosted Flakes” to stress how bad eating sugary breakfast foods is for kids’ health. He’s gotten in trouble for replacing his fake boxes of cereals, with pudgy tigers and leprechauns, for the real boxes in grocery stores.  Read… Read more