February 18, 2018

Child poverty on rise

child poverty

Child poverty rates in the U.S. are on the rise, but health and education trends are showing improvements—including teen pregnancy reaching a historic low, according to the annual KIDS COUNT Data Book by the Annie E. Casey Foundation. Read more  

Autism linked with environmental toxins


While the underlying causes of autism are still not fully understood, many health experts believe that genetics, environmental factors or a combination of the two are to blame. Now, a new meta-analysis has revealed that toxins in the environment may play a much more significant role in the formation of this neurodevelopmental disorder than previously… Read more

Long Term Study of Marriage is Out, More People Aren’t Saying “I Do”


The number of women who have never married is at nearly 40%. And education is one factor affecting the likelihood of a marriage lasting at least 20 years.  78% of women with a bachelor’s degree are still married after 20 years, compared with 49% of those with some college and 41% for those with high… Read more

Divorce in 2011 Under a Microscope

divorce brokenheart

Until now there has been scarce research determining how couples actually decide to divorce, or why they sometimes change their minds. New research shows there’s a lot of uncertainty even among couples who have already filed.  Recent Census data also indicates the recession has caused fewer divorce filings than when the economy was strong.  Read… Read more

New Study Points to Environmental Factors in Autism


An interesting read for everyone, shedding light on an epidemic many of us do not understand.  Read about it