February 24, 2018

When is it OK to Overschedule Kids?

Too many extracurricular activities have been in the news a lot in recent years, but what if your child likes all of the activities? What if he or she is a prodigy?  When is it  OK to overschedule kids?  Read more  

Why “Slow Parenting” Is The Perfect Recipe

bubbles kids

What is “slow parenting” and how is such a thing possible in this day and age, especially with older children?  Read about it

Too Many Activities Are Driving Us All Mad

too many activities

By Julie Samrick My husband gave me a knowing look as other moms and I clamored at a school event to discuss day camps for our older children this summer.  I’ve never been big on sending my kids to camp, but relish the freedom from constricted schedules that summer brings.  Yet as my son is… Read more