January 20, 2018

Best not to be coolest kid in middle school later

coolest kid in middle school

It might have been tough not being the coolest kid in middle school, but new research shows that teens who weren’t part of the in crowd go on to have healthier lives once they hit adulthood. A study published Thursday in the journalChild Development shares that teens who were so focused on being popular were often… Read more

‘Every 15′ offers sobering reminder to teens

Every 15

By Julie Samrick One high school student lay dead, ejected from the vehicle her best friend drove seconds before. Only the frantic wails of a second passenger could be heard as she called her best friends’ names from the back seat, pleading for them to answer. The teenage drunk driver, also from the same high… Read more

Computer grading will destroy our schools

The reason for the push towards artificial intelligence grading is both grim and obvious: money. Read more at Salon.

How Are Kids Affected By Same Sex Marriage?

same sex marriage

By Julie Samrick Marriage equality is in in the headlines once more because of oral arguments presented before the Supreme Court both for and against striking down California’s Prop 8, which defines marriage as being between a man and a woman.  Regardless of what the Supreme Court rules later this spring, the movement has more… Read more


sad boy

I’ve thought many times over the years if there ever is a better time for a child to have his or her home broken. Is it better for parents to split up while their child is still a baby?  Is it better to wait until the child is a teenager? My parents divorced when I… Read more