December 18, 2017

Play games to help young children succeed in school

play games

By Julie Samrick When my oldest child turned one a friend gave him alphabet magnets for his birthday.  We placed them on the refrigerator and he’d reach for them, so we moved them lower, showing him first how magnets work. Soon they ended up on the kitchen floor and seeing the 26 letters brought the… Read more

Mexico passes major education reform

mexico passes major education reform

Mexico’s senate overwhelmingly passed a sweeping reform of the notoriously dysfunctional public school system early Wednesday, handing President Enrique Pena Nieto an important victory in his push to remake some of his country’s worst-run institutions. Read more

Run, Don’t Walk, To See “Girl Rising”

Girl Rising

By Julie Samrick Every once in a while a book or a movie opens our eyes to things we haven’t thought much of before, things that really matter.  This week I had such an experience when I went to a screening of a new documentary called Girl Rising.  In it we see and hear nine… Read more

Pakistani Teen Shot in Head Has Long Road Ahead

Malala Yousufzai

Malala Yousufzai, 14, and two of her classmates were shot at close range by Taliban members last week on their way home from school.  Malala’s crime?  She is a fervent supporter of giving girls in her homeland an education. Though Malala has brought much of the country together in her defense, T. Kumar, director of International… Read more

Ditching College for Real-World Experience


The founder of PayPal is paying young people $50,000 a year to pursue their dreams but there’s only one catch: they may not be enrolled in college.  Read more about it

Each Free Bicycle Equals More Opportunity for Indian Girls


Since starting the campaign to give free bicycles to Indian girls in 2007, more girls are making the arduous trip to attend school a habit, and their literacy and graduation rates are now soaring.  Read more about it

Long Term Study of Marriage is Out, More People Aren’t Saying “I Do”


The number of women who have never married is at nearly 40%. And education is one factor affecting the likelihood of a marriage lasting at least 20 years.  78% of women with a bachelor’s degree are still married after 20 years, compared with 49% of those with some college and 41% for those with high… Read more

14 Reasons Schools are Troubled


In seeking answers to reform our American education system, one writer studied it extensively during the past decade. He concludes teachers are hardly the only culprits. There are actually 14 of them.  Read the whole piece at the Washington Post

Parenting Perspective – One Mom’s Parenting Adventure With Her Food Allergy Kiddos

Heidi and her kids

By Heidi Hannaman   Reflection on the Loss of Ammaria Johnson   I once heard that “special” people are chosen to be part of the food allergy family .  The recent loss of Ammaria Denise Johnson from our family only drives home the fact that life is fragile and when we lose someone from our… Read more

CLOSED Life Lessons and a $25 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway


There are lessons children need to learn that just aren’t taught in school. As parents, wouldn’t it be great to have a guidebook for some of the more touchy subjects, like talking to kids about how to have a successful marriage someday, especially if you’ve gone through a divorce and don’t want your kids to… Read more