January 19, 2018

10 vegetables and herbs you can regrow forever

vegetables and herbs you can regrow

Some foods are easy to regrow at home from leftover scraps, and some of them can even be grown right on your kitchen counter. Here are 10 vegetables and herbs you can buy once and regrow forever. #1. Garlic When garlic starts to sprout, the little green shoots are too bitter to cook with. Rather… Read more

Alleluia! Finally a Recipe for Homemade Pizza Crust

homemade pizza crust

Making homemade pizza crust is something I’ve tried to master for quite some time. I’ve even been known to say it’s on my bucket list. How could combining some flour, yeast, and oil be so difficult?  Why is it so cheap to buy premade dough at Trader Joe’s for $2, yet I can’t come close… Read more

The Easiest, Tastiest Blueberry Cobbler

Blueberry Cobbler

By Julie Samrick I wanted to take advantage of blueberry season when deciding what to make for guests this week.  I found The Pioneer Woman’s recipe for cobbler and made a few substitutions.   It is the easiest, tastiest recipe ever!  I had leftover homemade cream, so the next day I whipped up another blueberry… Read more

Make a Kid-Friendly Easter Center Piece

Bunny centerpiece

A friend was talking about making a wagon with a chocolate bunny pulling it.  Here’s my variation- I’m going to use it as the centerpiece on the kids’  table this Sunday.  What’s great, is the kids can help too! Clean and dry one strawberry container- discard the lid. Have the kids wrap the container  in… Read more

Play the card game “Kings in the Corner” with the whole family this weekend. It’s become a favorite at our house.


Here’s how to play

Make Pigs In a Blanket for Your Next Kids’ Party

pigs in blanket

Everybody loves Pigs in a Blanket and they couldn’t be easier: Buy 2 packages of lil’ smokies (I used Hilshire Farms brand) Buy 1 cylinder of Pillsbury Crescent rolls Slice the dough into long strips, wrapping one strip of dough around the middle of each “pig,”  seam side down. Bake on a lightly greased baking… Read more