January 20, 2018

10 Earth Day Ideas for Families

earth day

By Lowry Manders This Earth Day, Reconnect with Nature and with Your Family 10 Talking Points and Family Ritual Ideas for Earth Day or any day: Write a “Thank-You” Note to “Mother Earth”, get your whole family involved, and find out what everyone appreciates most about nature. A rainy day? The smell of honeysuckle? The… Read more

Giveaway- Newly Released Children’s Book ‘Forest Has a Song’

Forest Has a Song

By Julie Samrick We know kids devour Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein, so why aren’t there more books of poetry aimed toward children on the market? I was pleasantly surprised when I learned about a new book of poems for children just in time for spring and Earth Day. Author Amy Ludwig VanDerwater’s Forest Has… Read more

One Mom’s Letter to Mother Earth

Letter to Mother Earth

By Lowry Manders Dear Mother Earth, So, this Sunday is your big day, “Earth Day!” Congratulations on being roughly 4.6 billion years old. You still look FABULOUS, Dah-ling! (Not a day over 3.8 billion.) 3 weeks from your day is Mother’s Day here in America. (Oh, that’s one of the so-called “countries” on one of your 7 continents…. Read more

12 Earth Day Activities to Do With Kids

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1. Take a hike. 2. Build a fort and camp out in the dark 3.Make Earth Day treats Read the rest of the list.  What else could you add?