January 19, 2018

Best not to be coolest kid in middle school later

coolest kid in middle school

It might have been tough not being the coolest kid in middle school, but new research shows that teens who weren’t part of the in crowd go on to have healthier lives once they hit adulthood. A study published Thursday in the journalChild Development shares that teens who were so focused on being popular were often… Read more

Prep school grads busted in drug ring


Timothy Brooks, 18, and Neil Scott, 25, may have looked preppy, but they had intentions of making it as drug kingpins. “It’s crushing to me,” the defendants’ former lacrosse coach told Philadelphia Daily News as he struggled to hold back tears. “I feel bad for their families. It’s a sad day.” Nostrant said that Brooks, who graduated… Read more

Is America finally fed up with the likes of Justin Bieber?

Justin Bieber

By Julie Samrick For months we’ve heard Justin Bieber is no role model. It’s not even cool for little girls to like him anymore (at least not with my second grader and her friends.) Just when I think the whole “he’s-not-a-good-role-model” message will finally rub off and the likes of teen stars gone wild like… Read more

Teen Mom Arrested on Drug Charges

teen mom arrested

One of the stars of the MTV series “Teen Mom 2″ has been arrested on drug charges in southeast North Carolina. Twenty-one-year-old Jenelle Evans was arrested in Brunswick County on Tuesday and charged with possession of a controlled substance, possession with intent to manufacture, sell or deliver heroin, simple assault and a child support violation…. Read more

Teenagers Who Date Do Worse in School, More Likely to Drink, Do Drugs

teen dating

A recent study out of the University of Georgia found that teenagers who date are more likely to drink, do drugs, and perform poorly in school. Read more

Donald Driver’s Troubled Past Makes “Dancing” Win All the Sweeter


Star Green Bay Packers receiver Donald Driver won the coveted mirror ball trophy on Dancing With the Stars Monday night, but it’s his backstory as a homeless youth that makes it all the more impressive.  Read more

Childhood Death Rate From Accidents Falls 30%

police lights

30% less children died from drowning, falls, or fires than they did 10 years ago, but the number of kids dying from overdosing on prescription drugs has risen, a new report from the CDC finds.  Read more

The First Generation to Grow Up on Drugs

image from salon.com

“Our society is not used to thinking about the fact that so many young people have already spent their formative years on pharmaceutical treatment for mental illness. Rather, we focus on the here-and-now, wringing our hands about ‘overmedicated kids.’ We debate whether doctors, parents, and teachers rely too heavily on meds to pacify or normalize… Read more

U.S. teen alcohol and cigarette use falls while marijuana use remains steady


Cigarette and alcohol use by US teenagers are at their lowest point since the mid-1970s. On the other hand, use of marijuana “remains steady” after some increases in recent years, with 36.4 percent of 12th graders having used it once in the past year, and 6.6 percent on a daily basis.  Read more about it

Are Foster Kids Being Taken Advantage Of?


By drug marketers, that is?  A story in TIME argues that yes, more children in foster care are on antipsychotic drugs than kids living with their parents, but that the real issue is that drug companies are taking advantage of these kids without stable advocates by peddling to child psychiatrists to prescribe drugs that are expensive… Read more