February 18, 2018

‘Every 15′ offers sobering reminder to teens

Every 15

By Julie Samrick One high school student lay dead, ejected from the vehicle her best friend drove seconds before. Only the frantic wails of a second passenger could be heard as she called her best friends’ names from the back seat, pleading for them to answer. The teenage drunk driver, also from the same high… Read more

Teenagers Who Date Do Worse in School, More Likely to Drink, Do Drugs

teen dating

A recent study out of the University of Georgia found that teenagers who date are more likely to drink, do drugs, and perform poorly in school. Read more

Is College Binge Drinking Getting Better or Worse?

top 20 party schools

Just as the internet surpassed bars as the number one place people now meet their mates, it is also beginning to shut down bars- college kids don’t gather as much there, but communicate via platforms like Facebook, which in turn actually drives binge drinking (consuming 5 or more alcoholic drinks in one night) down.  Although… Read more

Teens Drinking Hand Sanitizer to Get Drunk

sanitizer drinking teen

Police and doctors are warning of a dangerous new trend amongst teens- drinking hand sanitizer for a quick, accessible high. Liquid hand sanitizer is 62% ethyl alcohol and makes a 120-proof liquid. “It’s essentially a shot of hard liquor,” said Cyrus Rangan, director of the toxicology bureau for the L.A. County Public Health Department and a… Read more

Watch Out for Black Wednesday

Bar Beer Drinking Friends Lager Men Pint Pub Teens

The night before Thanksgiving is the biggest party night of the year for young people.  Read more about it

I taught my daughter how to drink

Takeimi Rao

Yesterday morning, I came across the story of Takeimi Rao, the 14 year old girl who was found dead after a night of drinking at a slumber party in her own home, before I even got out of bed. As I read the story, all I could think of was the horror her mother must be going through, losing… Read more