January 23, 2018

McDonald’s reports disappointing sales


McDonald’s reported disappointing quarterly sales Thursday as fewer customers visited the world’s biggest hamburger chain. The Oak Brook, Ill.-based company says global sales slipped 0.1 percent at established locations for the last three months of the year. In the U.S., where it recently revamped its Dollar Menu to include items that cost a little more,… Read more

Child Sexual Abuse Rates Are Down Nationally

parenting mistakes

Due to increased vigilance and awareness, child sexual abuse has actually declined in recent years, but many don’t want to broadcast this for fear we’ll grow complacent and not be as vigilant.  Read more about it

Alcohol, Cigarette Use Down for Teens While Marijuana is Up

marijuana teens

More and more teens are just saying “No” to alcohol and drugs, while the use of marijuana is on the rise.  Some say the legalization of medical marijuana sends a confusing message to teens and is one of the reasons why more teens are turning to it.  Read more about it  What do you think?