January 19, 2018

Graduate of the year


TAY THI NGUYEN is one of the mightiest people I’ve met, at 94 pounds. She has a towering presence, at a bit more than 5 feet tall. She is so strong that she probably could bench press 25 pounds. Three times Tay Thi has fainted while here at college, training to become an English teacher,… Read more

15 Parenting Strategies that Prevent the Need for Discipline

that Prevent the Need for Discipline

By Erin Kurt There are two ways you can approach parenting: one, from a reactive place and two, from a proactive place.  Although you need to know and consistently use a simple, loving and effective discipline approach like I teach my clients, it is important, if not crucial, to learn proactive ways of avoiding misbehaviors… Read more

3 Phrases to Get Your Child to Listen to You Instantly

child listen

By Erin Kurt Throughout the years of being a teacher, mother and parenting coach, I realized that there are some very powerful phrases, that if used consistently, can be extremely effective when parents are trying to get their child to listen or to get them to do something instantly. Here are 3 very effective phrases… Read more

The Big Secret to Getting Your Kids to Behave

Secret to Getting Your Kids to Behave

By Erin Kurt Ever wonder why some days your kids just seem to test you, rebel against you or resist everything you ask of them? That happened to me a couple of days ago and I want to share with you how I resolved this issue.    My family has been on holiday for the… Read more

Child Rearing Book Under Fire

train up a child book

A Washington state couple is being held for the death of their 13-year-old daughter and authorities say a controversial parenting book may be to blame. To Train Up a Child may have led to Hana Williams’s death of hypothermia last May.  There is advice in the book Carri and Larry Williams read that advocates making picky… Read more

Ostrich Parenting Ostracizes Kids


All the kid activities this summer have reinforced an ugly pet peeve of mine: misbehaving kids whose parents are nowhere to be found or who choose to do nothing about it.  Whether we’ve been at the park, daily swim team practices, or standing in line at the movies, I’ve seen the situation countless times this… Read more