February 24, 2018

Earth to Echo is mere echo of ET

Earth to Echo

Julie Samrick   Rated PG Overall Kid Focused grade: B- Running time: 1 hour, 29 minutes   Three childhood friends Tuck, Alex, and Munch are on a mission to save their suburban neighborhood from having a freeway built through it in Earth to Echo. On the last night before demolition begins and their families are… Read more

Missouri twins born more than month apart

twins born more than month apart

As they strive for individuality, twins sometimes try to separate themselves by who is the oldest, even if only by minutes. But that will be less of an issue for Carl and David Cowan – twins born more than a month apart. Born 39 days apart, the Missouri newborns eclipse the headlines this week of a… Read more

The Evolution of Birthday Parties

balloons party

By Julie Samrick Being in the birthday party phase of life- we’re in the thick of it having four kids under eleven- I’ve noticed some changes as to how kids celebrate their big day today.   Here are 5 ways birthday parties have changed over the years:   1. Supersized Gone are the days of celebrating… Read more