January 19, 2018

What does working full time really mean?

mom crafts with kids

By Penelope Trunk What I regret is the four years I worked 80-hour weeks running my startup and put my kids in daycare. (I called it school, but I know there is no distinction between school for four-year-olds and daycare for four-year-olds.) I was making mid-six figures for most of that time, but those years… Read more

“Man of Steel” darker, more solitary in 2013

Man of Steel movie

By Julie Samrick As a girl I swooned over Christopher Reeve as Superman.  I don’t know if it was his strength or that single curl of hair that fell on his forehead. Or maybe it was those goofy glasses he wore as Clark Kent that still couldn’t hide his cuteness. Perhaps it was his smirk,… Read more

Talking to Your Child About Diversity

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My eldest daughter, Gabi, started kindergarten at our neighborhood school this fall. In her class are single-parent families, a girl adopted from China, another from Africa, and a two-mommy family, white, Hispanic and black children, and every combination of the three. Moms drop off their kindergartners in designer suits, laptop bags in hand, next to… Read more