January 20, 2018

Do you have a dangerous pool drain?

dangerous drain

Do you have a backyard pool or spa? Laws exist that make anti-entrapment drains a requirement in commercial pools and spas, but YOU have to check your own back yard to be sure. Before you or your family jumps into the pool this summer, check the drain. The very quick and valuable lesson on what… Read more

Police warn against family decals

family decals

You’ve seen them on the back of SUVs, sedans and minivans, and now police are warning families about the dangers of family stick figure decals. These family decals seem harmless, and often represent parents, kids, and sometimes even the family pets. Some of the stick figure decals go as far as naming the children, their… Read more

Middle school phone wars

cellphone kids crossing street

By Julie Samrick The verdict is still out whether or not the MTV effect will work on my sixth grader. When I was his age my mom delayed letting me watch MTV long enough that by the time I had the freedom to watch it, I’d never developed the habit and lost interest. My son… Read more

CA girl sucked under train while retrieving phone

Jenna Betti

A California girl was sucked under a freight train and killed while retrieving her cell phone from the tracks this weekend. Jenna Betti, 14, was hanging out on the tracks with her boyfriend near Martinez on Sunday evening. The train crew of the eastbound Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway freighter said they saw the teens jump out of the… Read more

Knockout game growing

knockout game

In September, Ralph Santiago, 46, of Hoboken, N.J., died from injuries resulting from a suspected knockout game attack that sent him careering backward into a fence, where his head got lodged. Three teens — two 13-year-olds and a 14-year-old — have been charged with murder. Read more

Teen Overdoses on Soy Sauce

overdoses on soy sauce

The 19-year-old drank more than a quart of soy sauce on a dare, which made him have a seizure and then slip into a coma. Read more

Why Smoking Alcohol is Dangerous to your Health

smoking alcohol

There is evidence that smoking alcohol is gaining some traction — and not just among college kids and adolescent risk takers. It’s popular among people who want to lose weight and don’t want the calories that come from consuming alcohol. Read more

Parents, Teens Warned of Dangerous “Cinnamon Challenge”

cinnamon challenge

Don’t take the cinnamon challenge. That’s the advice from doctors in a new report about a dangerous prank depicted in popular YouTube videos but which has led to hospitalizations and a surge in calls to U.S. poison centers. The fad involves daring someone to swallow a spoonful of ground cinnamon in 60 seconds without water…. Read more

“Look Both Ways” Advice to Kids Needs to Change

cellphone kids crossing street

A new study shows teens are twice as likely as adults to be hit by a car while crossing the street because they were distracted by an electronic device like a cell phone or iPod. Read more

Hidden Dangers of Home Births


Even though home births are on the rise, with plenty of celebrity endorsements, this article explains the hidden dangers that popular sources of information like Ricki Lake’s documentary The Business of Being Born don’t show.  Read about it