January 19, 2018

10 vegetables and herbs you can regrow forever

vegetables and herbs you can regrow

Some foods are easy to regrow at home from leftover scraps, and some of them can even be grown right on your kitchen counter. Here are 10 vegetables and herbs you can buy once and regrow forever. #1. Garlic When garlic starts to sprout, the little green shoots are too bitter to cook with. Rather… Read more

5 Healthy Snacks Kids Can Make on Their Own


5 Healthy Snacks Kids Can Make on Their Own Give the kids some practice and they can whip up their own snack…and they’re healthy snacks too.

What to Do With That Leftover Veggie Tray

veggie stirfry

By Julie Samrick Too often, fresh produce gets tossed after a few days of nibbling on it.  I know I was just about to toss a leftover veggie tray this week until I remembered a little trick:  I blanched the raw vegetables (cooked them in boiling hot water for just a few minutes) and then… Read more

Bring Back Home Economics


An interesting read from the New York Times  argues why bringing back home economics might curb our nation’s health and obesity crisis.  There is also a history of the course, and why it was eventually phased out of public schools. Reading this piece also reminds me of the skills I learned in Mrs. Bourland’s home economics… Read more

Old-Fashioned Girls by Ann Van De Water

sewing girls

What was one of my daughters’ favorite activities this summer?  Going to the beach in South Carolina? Yes!  Visiting family we only get to see once or twice a year?  Absolutely!  Going to two waterparks?  Definitely.  Having sleepovers with friends?  Yes, again. Learning to sew?  Right at the top of the list!  An old-fashioned skill that… Read more