February 18, 2018

The smart phone standoff

smart phone

At long last we’ve found a happy medium. My seventh grader got his much-desired smart phone this summer and everything I dreaded about it hasn’t happened (knock on wood).  He’s not on it 24/7 or even head down, zoned out, while we’re in public places. That was our first social stipulation about getting such a… Read more

How to Clean the Whole House in 15 Minutes

clean the whole house

By Julie Samrick This weekend my kids wanted to go to the park.  They wanted to swim.  My husband said, “We need one day to clean up. Every room in the house looks like a hurricane hit it!”  He went in the backyard to start there.     I came up with a plan to… Read more

Age-Appropriate Chores Preschoolers Can Do

chores preschoolers

Giving your child chores from a young age helps her learn responsibility and avoid a false sense of entitlement, all while allowing her to be an active part of the household. Even toddlers can get in on the action, establishing a routine of helping out around the house with a list of responsibilities that can… Read more

Cleaning Tasks Broken Down for Kids Aged 2-7

chores by age

I love how Megan from frugalfun4boys.com breaks down specific chores by age.  Right away she says what most  parents think- “It’s easier to do it myself” yet it is important kids have chores to do for many reasons, most notably it will help kids grow up to be responsible and to have a greater sense… Read more

Chores for Kids- Best Practices

chores teen mows lawn

By Michele Knowlton Why have kids help with chores? Getting your kids to help with chores around the house is a good thing for a bunch of reasons.    It helps teach them ownership and pride in things around the house. It helps give them some independence. It helps them develop a strong work ethic…. Read more

Parents used to be first- Now it’s all about the kids

stress free

By Ann Van De Water   I was telling my husband and ten year old twins the other night that when I grew up we didn’t have central air-conditioning.  Nobody I knew did. I grew up in Rochester, NY and a summer day that hit 85 was a news-breaking heat wave.  My Dad installed an air-conditioner in… Read more

Have kids do chores a la carte

poop scooping

Up until now, I’ve had a hard time with chore charts.  Paying weekly just didn’t seem to work- I’d forget, or my kids would lose motivation, knowing they’d get paid at the end of a long week.  Now I give each of my older boys (7 and 9) $1 every time they scoop  dog poop… Read more