December 18, 2017

Every Sunday could be Father’s Day

Father's Day inspiration

By Julie Samrick My uncle is in the end stages of ALS and was moved into comfort care this week. Though my dad has four daughters, the family he created with my mom, he’s said it’s a lonely feeling to be losing the last remaining member of his original family. At 67-years-old, my dad’s even… Read more

VIDEO: 0 to 14 in 4 minutes

0 to 14

A father films his daughter every week from birth until she’s 14-years-old.  The results give new meaning to the phrase, “She grew up before my eyes.”  

2-year-old’s FaceTime saves mom


A 2-year-old boy is being hailed a hero after using FaceTime to save his mother after she was gravely injured. According to a report from KGUN, Laura Toone was trying to break up a fight between a foster dog she had been caring for and one of her own dogs — when the foster dog… Read more

Child obesity rates decline

Obesity rates among preschoolers are falling in many states for the first time in decades, the head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Tuesday. Read more

An inside look at child stars

child stars

Being a child actor is “hard,” say veterans of an industry that’s tempting and treacherous.Read more

How to tell if your child is a bully at school

how to tell if your child is a bully

Once upon a time, bullying was considered par for the course of childhood by many parents, and as such was largely disregarded. With the evolution of technology, however, bullying has become far more pervasive and damaging than the playground taunts of days gone by, and it’s becoming more and more important for parents to do… Read more

Most Dangerous Place to Be a Child

dangerous place to be a child

The first in-depth study of famine deaths in Somalia in 2011 was released Thursday, and it estimates that 133,000 children under age 5 died, with child death rates approaching 20 percent in some communities, making Somalia the most dangerous place to be a child. Read more

Mom Makes Birth Announcement for Older Child

Kelli Higgins didn’t have newborn pictures of her newly adopted son, Latrell, but that didn’t stop her from making a birth announcement for him anyways.  What’s even better is Higgins has cast a positive light on the thousands of older children who would love to have a family to call their own. Read more

AL Man Continues to Hold 5-year-old Hostage UPDATE

Jimmy Lee Dykes

Jimmy Lee Dykes fatally shot a bus driver last Tuesday and took a 5-year-old boy hostage, now entering his fifth day in captivity on Dykes’s property.  Local officials who have spoken to police or the boy’s family have described a small room with food, electricity and a TV. And while the boy has his medication,… Read more

Take Each Child Christmas Shopping Alone With You


By Julie Samrick Back to school shopping and Christmas shopping are two special times my 4 kids know they’ll each get special alone time with me.  For Christmas shopping they pick out something for each of their siblings, teachers, and their Dad.  They don’t get anything for themselves this time, but they get time with… Read more