December 18, 2017

“Caylee’s Law” in Motion


Thousands of people have already started petitions in their home states to see a law that would require parents to report a missing child within 24 hours or face stiff penalties.  Read the story at People

Casey Anthony is Morally Guilty


The story of Caylee Anthony especially resonated with me when her story first broke several years ago because my daughter was the same age Caylee was at the time of her disappearance .  My daughter had just turned 3, and I held her a bit more closely, while we all waited for another sweet, innocent… Read more

Holding a Mirror up to Nature in the Caylee Anthony Story


I was stunned along with the rest of America as the 5-month search for little Caylee Anthony unfolded on the national news back in 2008 and the details of the 2-year-old’s disappearance only became more bizarre and unsettling with each passing day.   There were images of her young mother, Casey, out partying during the… Read more