February 24, 2018

May is The Cruelest Month


By Julie Samrick Dear Tracy, I am sorry I can’t make your bachelorette party later this month.  I would like nothing better than to kick up my heels with you and dance, to celebrate the next wonderful chapter of your life. But you see, it’s May.   It was the writer T.S. Eliot who called… Read more

Start Couponing Smart Today

money saving mom

By Julie Samrick Can’t figure out how to buy $3,000 worth of groceries for $150? How about feeding your family and a friend’s family for $50 a month? These are just some of the amazing feats pulled off on TLC’s hit reality show Extreme Couponing. Since its debut in 2010 the show has spawned a… Read more

Too Many Activities Are Driving Us All Mad

too many activities

By Julie Samrick My husband gave me a knowing look as other moms and I clamored at a school event to discuss day camps for our older children this summer.  I’ve never been big on sending my kids to camp, but relish the freedom from constricted schedules that summer brings.  Yet as my son is… Read more

How To Find More Time For Yourself

Here are the two things we can let go of that will make more time for the things we need:

By Cathy O’Neill Even though parenthood changes our outlook on life and almost overnight matures us, we are still the same people we have always been.  By and large we still need the same self-maintenance we needed before the kids arrived.  But getting our daily allowance is harder to do after kids appear. Sometimes, though,… Read more

How I Hope To Avoid Holiday Hell by Ann Van De Water

holiday stress mom

Every year around holiday time, I try really hard to do a lot of special things for my family. I bake, shop, clean, send Christmas cards, help my girls get ready for their Christmas piano recital, attend a Christmas show as a family, and participate in some charity work in the community and our church…. Read more