December 18, 2017

Netspeak: an internet safety guide for parents


The internet contains the good, the bad and everything in between. As adults, many of us have the tendency to assume children know how to behave, but in fact they can be very vulnerable online, lacking the savvy needed to stay secure and steer clear of danger. A particular cause for concern is the growing… Read more

How to Stand Up to a Bully

how to tell if your child is a bully

Learning that your child is the victim of bullying is an experience that’s simultaneously heartbreaking and infuriating. While your first instinct is to step in to stop the torment by any means necessary, it’s not always easy to see the bigger picture and pick up on the lessons that your child could learn from this… Read more

Emily-Anne Rigal is a Teen Who Plans to Stop Cyber-Bullying

Emily-Ann Rigal

By Julie Samrick At 16 years old, Virginia teenager Emily-Anne Rigal decided instead of feeling sad about the bullying she’d endured she’d help others going through the same thing.  “I wanted to live where teens live, to get inside their heads, and that’s online,” she said.   So at 16 Rigal founded, a site… Read more

Kids Need Concrete Tools To Combat Bullying

how to tell if your child is a bully

By Julie Samrick The American Journal of Public Health reports suicides have surpassed car crashes as the nation’s leading cause of injury-related deaths. Even my own small community has been hit hard by suicide with the untimely deaths of three young high school students this year alone.   The too common stories of troubled American… Read more

Violence Causes Premature Aging in Children


Radiation and smoking mutate chromosomes, but a new study finds that violence is just as harmful to young children.  Read more

The Complexities of Bullying

image of 18-year-old Jeffrey Fehr

By Heidi Aquino   As my husband and I walked into the grocery store, he pulled me aside to look at a headline in the local paper “Teen who committed suicide was bullied for being gay,” it read.  The picture of the mourning parents took my breath away. The article stated that 18-year-old Jeffrey Fehr… Read more

En’courage’ing Acts of Kindness to Prevent Bullying By Connie Hammer


I was reading the local weekly paper and was struck by the number of stories that involved acts of courage by children. From a very young child saving a parent’s life by calling 911 to an older child fending off a rabid raccoon to a teen raising money for the flood victims of hurricane Irene, it is… Read more

New Jersey Enacts Toughest Anti-Bullying Law in Nation


The toughest anti-bullying law in the nation goes into effect September 1st.  New Jersey is the first to include online bullying and harassment that occurs off school grounds in its new Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights.  Staff and students are expected to take a much more proactive role too, where teachers can be dismissed for not… Read more

Kiki Kannibal: The Girl Who Played With Fire


Kiki Kannibal is a girl with a heart-breaking story of online bullying and is a message for parents of the new cyber world of dangers our children face..Read more at Rolling Stone